Link: K12 Onlince Conference Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals (Via k12 Online Conference.) The second annual K12 Online Conference has been announced on the conference blog and on each of the convener’s blogs. I highly recommend both attendance (which occurs over the web during a two week period) and participation. I submitted several sessions last year and wound up being selected to present three. I did each as a full-motion full-hour video and didn’t realize how much work I had gotten myself into. There is no compensation for presenters, but the experience generated such great learning for me I won’t hesitate to do it again. Putting tother the videos was a rewarding challenge… and connecting with participants during the conference (and for months after) exposed me to a lot of new people and perspectives I would never have experienced without the conference. You can still learn from last year’s sessions (and still contact the presenters)… and you can make a proposal to present yourself this year. :)