Link: June is the Cruellest Month (& More NECC)

Photo_062407_002.jpgJune is the Cruellest Month (Via blog of proximal development.) This is the blog post of the day in the edublogosphere. Personally, I spent the day recuperating from a long travel day followed by an intense day hunched over my laptop or hunched forward into a conversation (that would be the edubloggercon yesterady). I slept in, got in a workout, and worked on my presenations before heading to the keynote this evening. I suspect many of the edubloggers here did something similarly rejuvenating (or spent their day in traditional NECC workshops – or touring Atlanta) because there were hardly any posts in my aggregator tonight… even from my non-education feeds. It was almost weird. In any case, Konrad Glogowski offers this poignant reflection on a year blogging with his students… and the need to reduce it to a final grade. This post helped to keep things in perspective after a day and half with my head in the clouds already. (The student musicians from the keynote pictured here also served that purpose to some degree… and their musicianship seemed closer to what the edublogosphere is shooting for than NCLB and traditional education.)

Incidentally, as I reflect on the edubloggercon yesterday, I remain thrilled to have had the opportunity for fellowship with my fellow edubloggers… but I can’t help but think that when we had those minds all in a room together we could have – and maybe should have – produced something or done something. More on this later (plus a post on the keynote and receptions sometime tomorrow), but sleep now.