Link: An Amazing Feat of Collaborative Web

An Amazing Feat of Collaborative Web (Via 2 Cents Worth.) I was stoked to see this post from David Warlick this morning. It seems the CUE 2007 conference is among the top 10 on hitchhikr… and is the only 2007 conference on the list. David notes that “clearly there is a lot of collaborative conversation going on in The Golden State.” As a conference attendee, presenter, and blogger – and as a member of the CUE conference planning committee – I’m proud to hear it. Congrats fellow CUE members!

Of course, last year David noted that the CUE 2006 conference was the first he had seen that publicized the tags bloggers should use for the conference right on the program, so perhaps that forward thinking has something to do with it. Credit to Mike Lawrence, executive director of CUE, for that.