Link: A conversation with Doug Belshaw – blogs

A conversation with Doug Belshaw – blogs (Via Google News – Educational Technology.) Look what showed up my Google News feed this morning (and on my custom Google News page, it turns out)… a conversation with one of my favorite edubloggers, Doug Belshaw in the UK. I’m as behind on reading his blog as all my other subscriptions right now, but I took a moment to skim this article. Doug talks about his experience with blogging and his use of wikis with his students and for his own studies. I think the biggest gem in the article is this quote from Doug:

It’s easier to talk to others in the blogosphere than others at my school.

I also appreciated this sentiment from his interviewer, Stewart… it’s something I’ve often thought, especially with respect to my own online classes at Walden Univeristy – and something I’ve complained about there, but have never written about here:

my biggest gripe with traditional course management systems is they take a transient approach to content – it’s there for the term, but gone afterward which ruins the real long-term benefit of putting work online.