Lessons to Learn from Amy Gahran

Clearly I have a few lessons to learn from Amy Gahran. With over 400 RSS feeds in my reader, I am now suffering from Conversation Overload (Via AMY GAHRAN: The Right Conversation.) Amy offers some thoughts and coping strategies. I tried to select one to quote here, but if you’re suffering, too, they are all worth reading.. following the block quotes it’s good point after good point.

Ironically, since I’ve stopped using FURL so folks can comment on my referrals here, I’m afraid Educational Technology and Life is in danger of becoming a Link blog (Via AMY GAHRAN: The Right Conversation.) Amy discusses the pro’s and con’s here, and I’ll need to weigh them carefully.

Meanwhile, I’ve posted everything I have on CUE tonight. There are still 56 links saved as drafts. I think I need to start thinking in terms of contributing rather than keeping up. But for now, its back to phd work for me… until my 10pm hockey game that is!