Learning Agreement for KAM III: Principles of Social Systems

I’ve completed and submitted a learning agreement for my next KAM. In the end this will be approximately 100 pages more content that I hope to use in the literature review for my dissertation. I’m sharing it here because it feels like a better resolution to my work than emailing it to my advisor does, and because I hope that by putting it “out there” it might be helpful to someone else. Here is the overview of the KAM. Click the link at the end of the post to view the entire learning agreement (10 pages) in PDF format.

Overview of the KAM

This Knowledge Area Module (KAM) will focus on developing a working theory of school change that can be used to guide the integration of emerging educational technologies, such as video games and simulations. To produce a preliminary theory, the breadth portion of the KAM will begin with a synthesis of Senge, Evans, and Fullan’s work in school change. Then to further develop the theory, this will be followed in the depth portion of the KAM by a synthesis of prominent theories of professional learning communities. Prominent theorists who will be included in this examination are DuFour & DuFour, Wald & Castlebury, Bumpers, Roberts & Pruit, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, and Stone & Cuper. In addition, an annotated bibliography of 15 articles will also be amended to the depth demonstration. Throughout both the breadth and the depth portions of the KAM, these theories of school change will be related to the integration of emerging educational technologies, such as video games and simulations. Finally, the application section will conclude with the explicated design of a three-hour professional development session to provide educational leaders with guidance in facilitating the process of implementing school change of this sort at their sites and in their programs.