Jock Schorger in Qatar

This is a picture of my advisor, Dr. Jock Schorger of Walden Univeristy, at work in Qatar. He recently moved there (around the first of the year) to take his new position as “Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Specialist, Curriculum Standards Office, Education Institute, Supreme Education Council, Qatar.” The picture comes from a post he made in our online classroom… sharing his excitement about finally getting “indoor Internet” at his home. He certainly continues to lead an interesting life, and he’s putting Walden’s mission of effecting positive social change to work.

Here’s Jock’s original caption:

After 3 days of sand storms and occasional rain I now have indoor Internet. Finally after almost 7 weeks I am conveniently connected. I had never thought about indoor-vs-outdoor Internet. I have learned outdoor can be dangerous to your computer.

Also a picture from the Desert: Goat Milkman and Friends

I just couldn’t pass up posting this here. :)