I’ve got new content up…

I’ve got new content up… but elsewhere.

I’ve published a new post at the Infinite Thinking Machine called The Infinite Wiki Machine about using wikis in education. I address the question of when a wiki is better than a blog.

I also have a Skypecast interview up at Thoughts from a Technospud. Jennifer Wagner (no relation, though we do share the same birthday) interviewed me about CUEtoYOU Professional Development and other recent projects.

I recorded another interview with Steve Hargadon the same day (about student use of Web 2.0 tools) and hope to see that up at some point. I also have a few articles in the works right now, one on professional development (for the OnCUE journal), and one on video games in education (for the Classroom Connect Connected Newsletter).

Meanwhile, I’ve been leading professional development and working on my dissertation. In fact, this weekend I pulled together 182 resources I plan to use, so I am sharing them here. Not all are games in education related… there’s a host of constructivism and organizational change resources in there as well… and a few I’m including for metaphors and other quotes to make a point. I hope this might help others interested in similar topics. Of course, I hope you’ll let me know if you catch any APA errors, too. :)