I’ve Been Busy Part II: The k12 Online Conference

I spent many hours last week recording and editing video!

I am “presenting” three sessions for the k12 Online Conference, which is going on right now. My first session, Blog if You Love Learning is already live. Head on over to see what I hope is a fun and informative overview of blogs in education. I was inspired by former science teacher Alton Brown’s Good Eats and Amanda Congdon‘s Rocketboom (the old Rocketboom), and I used Snapz Pro for the first time, so hopefully I can hold attention for an hour… and then some. I hope you’ll check it out and leave a comment if you watch it. :)

My next presentation will be “Two-Way Teaching” which is a fast paced overview of the read/write web in education – and using these tools for two-way teaching. NOTE: It’s now Wednesday and the link is live!

Then, on Friday, I offer “Wiki While You Work” an overview of, you guessed it, wikis in education. I’ll add this final link when it’s time. :)