I’ve Been Busy Part I: Workshop Wikis

Once again, I’ve been having trouble keeping up the pace of blogging I’d like, but I’ve been busy… even to the point where I’ve also had trouble keeping up the pace I’d like in my doctoral work. :(

However, over the previous two weeks I actually lead (or recorded) 11 different presentations (for various clients), and I’m happy to say that for nearly all of them, I used a wiki to support the face-to-face instruction. The benefit of this is that the participants can access the materials (and links, which are actually clickable, unlike on the handouts), and they can continue to collaborate after the workshop is over. This is not to say that they do, but it’s possible.

Also, the wiki can benefit visitors from elsewhere, who can in turn also contribute to it. With this in mind, I’m sharing all the workshop wiki addresses here. I hope these might be useful to others leading similar workshops, and I hope that some of you might contribute as well.

First of all, I should mention that I was inspired by CUE Lead Learner Burt Lo, who started two wikis to support his upcoming trainings at the CLMS conference in November:

iPod in Education
Digital Camera in Education
(He hasn’t used these yet, but feel free to lurk or contribute!)

For recent face-to-face training sessions, I’ve created these wikis:

iPhoto in Education
Picasa in Education
Premiere Elements in Education
Tablet PC in Education
The Read/Write Web in GATE Education
Internet Awareness and Safety (for Educators and Parents)

And, for the k12 Online Conference, which is going on right now, I’ve created these (which I still need to fully populate with links and materials from the presentations):

Blog if You Love Learning
Two Way Teaching
Wiki While You Work

They only things I presented where I did not use a wiki for support were the AB 430 Administrator workshops. Perhaps that will change soon, if Ted Lai is up for it…