It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask?

My technorati rating definitely suffered in the move from Blogger to WordPress, but I’ve been thrilled by the increased participation here.

I contacted a few colleagues, friends, and fellow bloggers that I knew linked to the old site this morning and got some very favorable responses this afternoon… all flagged for follow up in Mail. In the meantime, thank you winchou, Dorine (who seems to have ditched her template for the default), and Bill MacKenty, who has been playing with the look and feel of his site, too. Check out the new improved version. He is actually doing with his classes much of what I blog about here, especially blogging and video games in education. UPDATE: I also want to thank Larry Bouthillier of the LearningAPI blog for updating the link from that resource as well. :)

At any rate, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask the rest of you this… if you enjoy reading Educational Technology and Life and keep a site or blog of your own, would you mind linking to this new location? :D

If you do, let me know… it’s a good bet I’ll be interested in what you’re writing as well. I keep a large categorized blogroll at bloglines (also in the sidebar on this site) and use the blogs that link here feature from Technorati (also in the sidebar on this site), so you’d be getting links back as well. If you link to any particular posts I should pick up the trackbacks here, too, which of course link back to your post.

Thanks again to everyone who responded this morning (I hope I didn’t miss anyone in this late night post), and thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this humble request. :)

And, of course, I hope it really doesn’t hurt to ask.