iPods, Cell Phones, Computers, email, and IM in a Sixth Grade Classroom

These stats come from an Orange County sixth grade teacher. Thanks to Mike Guerena and to the teacher’s district technology leader for sharing the data. :)

Here is more than you wanted:

66% of my students have iPods (21 of 32)
1 iPod
2 iPod shuffle
9 iPod Mini
7 iPod nano
2 iPod video

Other things I surveyed:

38% have their own cell phone

100% have a computer in their house, 35% have one in their room

47% have their own email account

38% instant message almost every day, 60% i.m. at least once or twice a week

So, as Prensky has asked, how can we use the technology (and technology skills) that our students are bringing into our classrooms? As I’ve said before, I don’t think restricting and policing are the answers.

I can’t wait to see the comments on this. :)