iPhone (and iPod Touch) in Education Resources

This morning I was interviewed by a magazine editor writing about the iPhone in Education. I found myself wishing I had previously taken the time to aggregate iPhone in Education resources and lists of applications good for students and educators. Just prior to the call I finally had the good sense to ping my colleagues on Twitter, and sure enough several came through with great links during the interview! Afterwards, I was finally motivated to pull together resources from other recent CUE speakers who had led sessions on the topic. Once I had an email together to the editor, I realized it might just make a good blog post. So, with no further editing, here’s the message I sent…

Here’s a few of the initial responses to my call-out on Twitter for “iPhone in Education” resources:

# soffenhauser use it for classroom walkthru observations – created a google form and have a link on my iphone to the form. Love google forms!18 minutes ago
# Craig Nansencnansen @markwagner Control a preso forward/back & screen was a touch pad 2 control the mouse & the keyboard 4 data entry. http://twurl.nl/pv17m24 minutes ago from TweetDeck
# Jonathan Beckerjonbecker @markwagner not specifically iPhone, but it is Apple…have you seen what’s happening here in VA?: http://twurl.nl/xvkty64 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to markwagner
# Craig Nansencnansen @markwagner http://tinyurl.com/3zydnb11 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to markwagner
# Craig Nansencnansen @markwagner http://twurl.nl/6xzrye13 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to markwagner

And here’s a post from Ken Shelton, who lead the iPhone Supper Session at the CUE conference this year – his slides are included:

And here’s a podcast interview with Kathy Shirley and Joe Morlock, who led the iPod Touch session for us at Macworld this year – plus Kathy’s iPod in education resource site, which links to a list on Kathy Shrock’s site (both below):

Also, Leslie Fisher has lead iPhone sessions at CUE events (and elsewhere all over the world). Here’s a link to one of her PDF handouts… and to the iPhone Applications category on her blog:

There… at least now I took some time to pull together a list of other people’s lists. :)

I still have to write the next “Jailbreak your iPhone For Educators” post I’ve been promising people… meanwhile, here’s a link to everything iPhone from my blog (mostly mentions in my link posts):

And in case you weren’t looking at these two posts before, here’s my two specifically iPhone related posts:

Anyway, enjoy. I hope this helps. :)


Some of these links include fantastic lists (and lists of lists), so there is a lot of material and potential resources here. And please feel free to add more in the comments below. :)