Internet Awareness Screenplay

I just finished a draft of a screenplay for a video version of the Internet Awareness and Safety presentation I’ve been doing for the Laguna Beach Unified School District and the Orange County Department of Education. I wrote it based on the PowerPoint Slides (available on the wiki), the video of my presentation in Atlanta (available from here), and an article I wrote for Gifted Education Communicator last year. I’m sharing the script here in case anyone is interested in the perspective we’ve been sharing – and because I’m looking for feedback at this stage.

Internet Awareness Screenplay (83 KB Word Doc)

I just sent this draft to Victor Guthrie, IT director at Laguna Beach USD, who will be appearing with me in the video. The following is an excerpt from that email:

I pretty much just wrote the copy straight through – and then I divided the whole thing up into lines for me and for you.. with no thought given to who was saying what except when we introduce ourselves. So, it is pretty much one voice throughout. We can of course edit it before filming – and edit it on the fly – if there is anything you are uncomfortable saying or want to add, or if you’d like to swap lines anywhere or have me say more of it. The producer will be editing it, and I expect the OCDE will request some edits too. Also, the biggest weakness of the script right now is that it doesn’t include a lot of specific details or statistics. The benefit is that it’s much shorter than it might’ve been and yet still covers all the main points. We can of course add more if we like. Let me know what you think.

I am of course also nervous about being looked to as an expert when it comes to the safety of children, but I think the education-focused perspective we are advocating is an important one – in contrast to the efforts of some organizations which can come off as more fear-based. I’d be interested in your feedback.