Internet Awareness at Capo USD

After the exciting morning at Salem, I had a bit of time in the afternoon to bone up on my Internet Awareness and Safety presentation before heading out to Capistrano Unified School District to lead a workshop there for the Orange County Department of Education. When we ran these workshops in Laguna Beach, there was generally around 20 to 40 parents participating, allowing for good discussion. Capo had over 120 RSVPs for Wednesday night’s event, but in the end we probably had around 60 people I would guess. It turned out to be a good group with lots of good questions. In answering questions, I was joined by Victor Guthrie, IT director for the LBUSD (who co-developed the workshop with me), Karla Kerr from the Orange County Sheriff’s department, and Robert Craven of the OCDE. Bonnie Cameron and Dr. Susan Holliday hosted the event in the CUSD boardroom.

I made some changes to the Internet Awareness wiki that might benefit others who want to make this same presentation. I added a workshop outline with hotlinks to everything mentioned in the presentation, a list of books I used to develop the presentation, and a few new links in the list that was already there. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive source of information, but a way to point workshop participants in right direction(s). Feel free to add additional resources yourselves if you use the wiki. :)

Incidentally, it seems students MySpace profiles are increasingly set to private… and increasingly tame (or even appropriate). While I’m sure many are lying about their age, location, and other details that make it difficult to find their inappropriate posts… that’s actually a good thing from a safety perspective. Of course, maybe they’re all just over at facebook (or somewhere else) now. ;)