In Residency: Bloomington, Indiana

I’ll be in the wonderful little town of Bloomington, IN until the 23rd… at Indiana University… completing my last 12 units of residency at Walden University, though I still have over a year of research and writing ahead of me.

Most of my travel these past two years has been extraordinarily smooth. I show up at the airport, walk through security, walk onto a plane, works some and sleep some, walk off a plane to a rental car desk, and drive to where I am going. I have planned well, I suppose, but I have also been very lucky.

I suppose I can’t complain very much today either; I’m here despite the hurricane. But, I did fly through Dallas and my connecting flight was delayed. Then the rental car company in Indianapolis didn’t have a car for me… I guess the expedia order didn’t go through. No matter, I walked down the way and rented a car from National for the same low price.

The bottom line, though, is that I got here too late to register for internet access on campus with IT at Indiana University! I feel like I imagine Robert Craven did last week when he discovered he couldn’t get DSL or Cable at his new house! I eventually located a Starbucks and dropped $9.99 on a T-Mobile hotspot day pass. This was a must because I still had to pull down images for my presentation tomorrow.

Starbucks is closing here in seven minutes, but I wanted to post an update. I hope to blog a little more during my time at the residency… I should certainly have plenty of food for thought – as if I don’t already have more than enough on a daily basis! I will have time to write though… despite my dedication to doing the residency and doing a daily dose of KAM writing each day… but that’s it – there are no other life distractions here.

Anyway, tomorrow I will post my presentation at the very least – perhaps even the audio. It will be 15 minutes… a ten minute “presentation” (I aim to infuse some discussion) and five minutes for “question and answer” (again, I’ll shoot for discussion).

Thanks for reading.


PS. A reader (or passer-by?) emailed me today to ask what I think of the program at Walden. It continues to be an overwhelmingly positive experience and I will write more about it this week. Gotta go, Starbucks closing…

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