In Irvine for the Weekend

As you may have noted from my absence here at Educational Technology and Life I ended up becoming absorbed in the residency at Bloomington.

Then, this past week, Eva and I were on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The included picture is of one of those sunsets that just goes on and on.

Some of the faculty at the residency gave me their left over campus access cards at the end of the residency, in return for having helped with the technical set up for the colloquiums. (I helped the facilitator with laptop setup etc… and we iSighted my advisor, Dr. Jock Schorger, the education faculty chair, in from Colorado after he left the residency early!) So, I was able to get a new camera (a little HP Photosmart M22) for half off at the campus technology store at IU. It has a great sunset mode, doesn’t it? (The panoramic feature is also particularly cool and easy to use! However, the on/off lense cover door is a pain to keep closed in your pocket!)

Tomorrow we leave again to celebrate our 5th anniversary at a secret location (it was Eva’s turn to plan this year).

Yesterday, I caught up on a week’s worth of email, news feeds, Rocketboom, etc. It was good to feel connected again (it was certainly good to be free of it for a week, too), but yesterday I felt I was merely listening to the web.

Today I hope to actively contribute to the symphony of chaos. So, with any luck there are more posts to follow this.

It looks like I won’t do much formal work on my KAM again until Thursday, when I really dig into writing about Prensky, Gee, Aldrich and the other (more academic) theorists and consider their work in light of a working theory of constructivist human development already developed for the breadth portion of this KAM demonstration.