iLife ’06 Multimedia Tutorials

I start my week back at work this morning with a brief Introduction to iLife ’06 for Educators class this morning. It comes with the software. :)

In preparing for this I realized that you no longer need to be a .Mac member to access the tutorials. This is good news for the class. I’ve shared links to the promotional tours and to the multimedia tutorials below. I’ve also included a link to the Apple Learning Interchange, which includes a host of ideas for using iLife in Education.

Apple – iLife – QuickTour

iLife ’06 Multimedia Tutorials

Apple Learning Interchange

Unfortunately, you still need to be a .Mac member to take advantage of all the great features of iWeb and the new iLife ’06. :)

UPDATE: We’re running this class again on Monday the 24th if you are interested. Get the software and the class for less than the cost of the software! Visit to register.