If a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here is a response to a classmate that is worth sharing… and I’m off on my new resolution to include an image with each post on this blog, even if it is only a text image… from a vendor who might change their site. :)

Do they make this software for the macintosh system? I liked the format and had some ideas for my teachers and students.


Our classmates have gotten very excited about Camtasia, and rightly so. My colleagues at the Newport-Mesa Unified School District used Camtasia to create a library of in-house how-to videos (for district specific software and web applications), which were added to our custom Atomic Learning download page.

However, Newport-Mesa is a dual platform school district, so each video was also created on an OS X Mac… using Snapz Pro. Apparently they found it even more user friendly and flexibile than Camtasia.



Their home page sounds like Scott talking…