I was asked: Google Music or Spotify?

I was asked: Google Music or Spotify?

Right now I think you need Google Music, Spotify, AND Pandora to have it all.

Google Music lets you put your own collection in the cloud (good for stuff you own but isn’t on Spotify… including stuff you recorded yourself… also good for listening to music you’ve already selected).

Spotify lets you listen to just about anything you can think of (even if you don’t own it) – and probably find a karaoke version of it to boot.

And Pandora rocks the smart playlists (great for discovering new music). Google Music has smart Auto playlists, but that’s just pulling from your collection, so it’s not as good for discovery.

And Google Music now has sharing via Google+ (which for me is better than Facebook sharing from Spotify), but it’s only in the Marketplace right now… not from Google Music itself.

I don’t completely know my way around any of these three, but they still seem complimentary rather than redundant. I’m most excited, though, to see how Google Music evolves, because surely Pandora-esque playlists are coming – and the library of available music will grow (I’ve been paying 9.99 a month for Sportify mobile, but I could buy way more albums than I do right now for that money).

Here’s my first shared “purchase” on Google+:

And an even better one:

Mark Wagner – Google+ – Sharing my first “purchase” (it was free) on the Android…

More on Google+: http://dlvr.it/wRZbh