I have my computer back: Goodbye Google Desktop

I installed the Google Desktop for Mac Beta a few weeks ago. My computer has dragged ever since… really dragged… there was lag switching between apps and windows – and even lag typing sometimes! It took me a while to confidently pin point Google Desktop as the culprit, but in the end it was clear that the background processes were routinely taking up 50% or more of my processing power… to say nothing of the RAM, virtual memory, and harddrive space it consumed. I uninstalled it just now and all seems to be back to normal. I’m usually a fan of cool new Google apps, but this one gets an “F” grade from me this time out. An index is no good to me if it makes my computer frustrating to use. (And this was on my less than 1 year old MacBook with 2 GB of RAM and almost 4 GB of free harddrive space… I can’t imagine what it would do to most school computers.) In any case, I don’t recommend it.