I Cosmeo, I can

Steve Dembo cross posted the announcement of Cosmeo.com

I Cosmeo, I can (Via Teach42.): “It’s a subscription based service for children at home… it has 30,000 video clips in it, a ton of academic games, content aligned to state standards, activities and more.”

I Cosmeo, I Can (Via Discovery Educator Network.): “Think unitedstreaming, but designed with kids in mind and accessible from the home. They really did it up to, students can customize the look and feel of it the site in a ton of ways.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing from my perspective is the braingames Discovery has included. Almost a year ago, when Hall Davidson was making the transition to Discovery, he was picking my brain a little bit about using games to access the United Streaming content. I don’t think that’s what these are, but perhaps this project was part of what he was thinking. At any rate, I certainly haven’t explored all of these games, but while they do not seem particularly complex, some do seem to have simulation elements that might be used to communicate systems content. It’s great to see that Cosmeo is not limited to helping students access linear content. :)