How do I Text?

Here’s a picture of Eva and I walking through the sails pavillion. Just as I took this, she looked down at her cute little nokia phone and asked, “how do I text?”

She knows that, though, and soon had a message off to Debbie, who wasn’t answering her phone. As I type this – or rather tap it out on the thumbboard – I’ve been texting OCDE’s Mike Guerena about dinner plans tonight. This reminds me of my experience at the CUE conference in March when I realized why our students love texting… you can do it during class without disturbing anyone listening to the 1.0 lecture.

Infact, I’m finding it more and more ironic that these conferences are mostly sit ‘n git sessions. However, I find they are becomming more and more about conversation, interaction, and creation for me. I haven’t sat through a session yet. :)