How Computer Games Help Children Learn

How Computer Games Help Children Learn (Via EDITing in the Dark.) The idarknight posted about David Williamson Shaffer’s new book last week. I ordered mine right away. Then I got an email from Shaffer announcing the book. According to Shaffer, the book, How Computer Games Help Children Learn, “looks at the future of education in the computer age.”

He also mentioned that “there is also a companion website,, that has information about the book and about the educational games it discusses, as well as a blog and discussion about the games and the future of education.” I still think the name is a mouthful (though it’s well explained at the site), but regardless this looks like a powerful resource for those interested in using games for learning. I’ve subscribed to the blog.

At the very least, this might help address the problem Clark Aldrich posted about last week: 20% of most groups of students are mentally dropped out (Via The Learning Circuits Blog.)