Handheld Grad. Class #2 – Saturday Group

Handheld Grad. Class #2 – Saturday Group (Via The EdTech Advantage.) Rolly Maiquez: “After all the Giraffe practice, presentations, and discussions, everyone settled at their own LINUX station and started writing in their blogs. Another fun day with Palm handhelds and with a great group of excited educators!”

Rolly is one of my new subscriptions. I’ve done my fair share of handheld trainings; I even revisited my presentation for a group of PE teachers in Huntington Beach last week. Unfortunately, I often had to help very resistant teachers incorporate this technology into their teaching (the HB group was very enthusiastic, though), and it is great to see Rolly so energized by his excited group. This quote is like a dream professional development for me… teachers excited about handhelds, LINUX workstations (I’m jealous), and everyone blogging about their experience!

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