Google Workshop for Administrators

CUE runs a series of Google Workshops for Educators based on the Google Teacher Academy, and there has long been talk of a workshop focused specifically on school administrators. (There has also been talk of a day focused on systems administrators and IT directors, but that’s a different story.) In any case, the first Google Workshop for Administrators is now open for registration. We have the possibility of a second one further North in California and would love to see more of these offered for Administrators across the nation (if not elsewhere around the globe). Thanks to Bob Blackney and the Placentia – Yorba Linda School District for hosting this first event:

Google Workshop for Administrators at Placentia – Yorba Linda USD

Jul 8, 2009
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (w/1 hour lunch break)
Placentia – Yorba Linda Unified School District
1301 Orangethorpe
Placentia, CA 92870

Search, learn, share! Brought to you by the producers of the Google Teacher Academy, the Google Workshop for Administrators (GWE) introduces participants to innovative ways Google tools can be used in school administration. A full day of fast-paced presentations and hands-on activities includes experience with advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and powerful professional development strategies. Google Certified Teachers share ways administrators can implement tools such as Google Search, Google Docs, Google Groups, and… even more. Many of these tools are ideal for extending a professional learning community online. Participants who complete the event are also given access to the Google Workshop for Educators Network, an online community focused on supporting educators as they learn more about the power of Google tools in education.

Cost: $250 (Including CUE Membership, a $40 value)

Lead Learner(s):
Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
Kyle Brumbaugh

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this event – or if you’d like to host one in your own region.