Google to Battle Educational Inequity

It’s been a good day for news about Google and education in my Feeds. It started with this post: Google to Battle Educational Inequity (Via A Teacher’s Life.) Apparently, Google is offering two-year deferrals to anyone who wants to spend time teaching in under-resourced schools before beginning work at Google. Wow. Great idea. As fellow ITM Blogger Lucy Gray suggests, it would be great to see more corporations supporting something like this. And how about a two-year leave for existing employees?

A to Z Google help topics (Via Lifehacker.) Lifehacker links to the Google help index, which might be useful for educators to browse.

Smarter Google searches (Via Lifehacker.) Lifehacker also links to some tips on smarter searches, which are always helpful to teachers and students. The article also links to the Google-pedia, a book subtitled the ultimate Google resource.

See real estate listings in Google Earth (Via Lifehacker.) I’m not sure this would be a meaningful thing in most educational contexts, but it’s another feature of Google Earth I was unaware of.

Download of the Day: Google Reader Notifier (Firefox) (Via Lifehacker.) And for those of you who have switched to Google reader, this looks like a great way to integrate that reading experience with your Firefox browsing experience. It is great to imagine students and teachers using something like this to keep on top of the information they have subscribed to.