Google Maps… of Ed Tech and Life HQ

I’ve been having fun with Google Maps since it came out… and the Satellite feature for, oh a week or so at best (and I’m afraid I must take the blame for shutting down work on the upcoming film Monster House when IMed a buddy on their animation team who then got the entire team taking virtual trips across the county – and across the Atlantic to Spain!) … but it took me until I saw Will at weblogg-ed post a map of his place before I thought of sharing these on this blog.

Ever wonder where my black chair, colorful bookshelves, and green walls are located?

Here is a far away shot that shows Newport Beach to the south-west, and the foothills to the north-east.

And here is a near shot of our neighborhood of Oak Creek in Irvine. The marker is way off, because for whatever reason Google Maps won’t actually let me use my address… it jumps to the corner you see. I suppose it might be a bit safer to post this marker in the middle of the road rather than my actual house though, eh?

I enjoy knowing a little something about the bloggers I read, so perhaps some of you will enjoy this as well.


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