Google in Education (and for the Mac)

I spent just over an hour catching up on my RSS feeds this morning. The new Google Mac team’s blog caught my attention several times, as did the Google Mac Google Software Downloads for the Mac, especially the new Picasa Web Albums plug-in for iPhoto.

Ironically I just lead an iPhoto workshop on Tuesday – and many of those folks will also be in my Picasa workshop this afternoon. I told people on Tuesday that it was sad iPhoto web albums cost $99 a year (via a .Mac account), but raved about the new free Web Albums in Picasa. Now, just two days later, I discover that thanks to the new Google Mac team, iPhoto users can also take advantage of free Picasa Web Albums. What a great way for teachers to share images with students, parents, and each other! Also what a great way for students to create a visual portfolio of their work and achievements!

While I’m on the subject of Google in Education, Doug Belshaw (in the UK) points us toward Vicky Davis’ post on how to search Google Video for educational content. It’s a simple tip worth learning.

Speaking of Google, and of catching up on my feeds, apparently I need to play with the new version of Google Reader. I was unimpressed with the first go, but folks are raving about the new features, especially sharing. Still, without the three pane interface that I love in NetNewsWire and Feed Reader, I doubt Google Reader will induce me to switch to a web-based reader.

Also, keep an eye out for my next post on the Google sponsored Infinite Thinking Machine blog… after the first show has its day at the top. Oh, yeah, go watch the show – there’s great stuff on Google tools in education!