Google Applications for Educational Technologists

There is some fun discussion about Google going on in EDUC-8813. Here is my latest contribution…


Thanks for the link to Google Suggest. Somehow that had escaped my notice for several months. But I have been enjoying watching Google release so many exciting new applications (if only in beta). I’ve tried most, and have incorporated several into my daily routines. For instance…

Google News, which is now customizable.

Google Alerts, which allow Google to be researching for you 24/7 and leaving gems in your inbox. This really needs to be available as an RSS feed. (NOTE: The new MSN Search is available as an RSS feed.)

Google Maps, which is essentially the same as Mapquest, but it is easier to use and more feature rich… and it looks beautiful.

Blogger (of course), which is by far the easiest free blogging available for entry users, and one of the most customizable for advanced users. Google only acquired this though, rather than creating it.

Check out Google Services and Google Help Center to discover more cool applications.

Of course, on Windows, the new desktop search, Picassa, and of course the Google Toolbar are must haves.

Nope. I don’t own any Google stock. :(

They just have a lot of really smart people working there.

Of course, Google’s autolink feature in the new beta of the Toolbar is causing quite a backlash of public opinion right now, too.