Gaming Is Not a Babysitting Tool

Making History Day #1 and CBS Tomorrow (Via Dave McDivitt.) Dave McDivitt posts about his first day using Making History with new students. This may be my favorite quote about games in the classroom… ever:

The teachable moments are countless….but at the end of the day I am tired. (gaming is not a babysitting tool) I have answered 1000 questions today. That really can’t be much of an stretch. I have run around the lab helping the lost. I have engaged in teaching to a level that is not normal on an “old school” day.

It seems CBS is paying his classroom a visit tomorrow, too. Hopefully we’ll hear more about that.

UPDATE: Making History Day #2 and CBS in my room. (Via Dave McDivitt.) “CBS filmed two of my classes during game play and then did some interviews with students.” Dave will let us know when the story will air.

Print Media Links from yesterday (Via Dave McDivitt.)