Games in Education, A Scholarly Presentation

Well, I promised on Monday I would post my presentation to the school of education colloquium. I hope that other readers of this blog might find it interesting as well. This is my first podcast in a while. (You should use my feedburner feed in the right hand panel if you want to receive the podcast via subscription).

The Audio

The Slides

I tried using my .Mac account to post these remotely this time, but it seems to mean they are compressed as .zip files. I hope this isn’t a problem for anyone… may break any automated podcasting, though.

Also, I know this is lazy podcasting because I didn’t properly tag this… or take the time to rename it for that matter… and I need to learn from Robert Craven how to do the visual bookmarks (with the slides for instance!)… but at least it is posted, and I can always make it nicer in the future.

Thanks for reading. And, as always, I welcome any comments.