Frustration with Non-connective Writing

Or would that be unconnected writing?

It’s funny, just when Will is finally finding a name for (and struggling with) the writing we are all excited about, I am participating in a delphi study which necessitates that I keep my answers to questions confidential throughout several iterations of a survey. But I’m writing good stuff and wish I could share it here! How will I (or anyone for that matter) reap the benefits of connectedness if I can’t… share.

Well, back to writing that won’t be seen here for a long time. This is a really weird feeling… not unlike realizing some of my friends and colleagues would probably not appreciate the Mark’s Mail project I dreamed up a few days ago. :)


UPDATE: Jarek Janio, author of the delphi study I mentioned above has left a comment below and I’ve replied. I didn’t want subscribers to miss it. :)