From My Feeds: Wikis, Google, and More…

I’m squeezing in a post between reading my feeds this morning and actually doing the writing I’ll get paid for. :)

First, I want to share yet another wiki I’ve started. I expect this will see a lot of use in the next few months. I’m using it to facilitate the tech planning process at the Palm Springs Unified School District. I share it here as a model and another example of how Wikis can be used in educational institutions. The actual content might benefit others as well. Visit to check it out.

Next I want to share a few things from my feeds. Speaking of wikis, Julie Lindsay shares a post about Vicky Davisk12 Wiki, including a new list of Winning “Outstanding Wiki Contributors.” Julie’s post includes some links to wiki in education resources and Vicky’s wiki is full of them. I’m glad I stumbled across both these sites.

So, for someone that doesn’t know what a wiki is, this post is relatively unintelligible isn’t it?

In other wiki news, Google has acquired JotSpot (Via StigmergicWeb), a popular and feature rich wiki service. It’s about time Google acquired a wiki service! I’ve been waiting for this. I can’t wait to write about it at the Infinite Thniking Machine.

Now that we’re on the topic of Google, be sure to check out what Tom Hoffman writes about Google-Oriented Ed Consulting (Via Tuttle SVC), and personally I hope Google takes up the lead in providing this service to schools, though I would certainly love to be involved… someday… post dissertation. I have to learn to start saying no to new projects – and stop looking for new work (however interesting)!

Also on the Google front, Miguel Guhlin has shared some more thoughts on using Google Earth in Your Classroom (Via Around the Corner –

Finally, speaking of Google Earth (which is a really cool map), I found this related post about a National Geographic resource interesting as well (though I haven’t been able to fully explore it): Maps, Maps, and More Maps (Via iTASC.)