Friday Links – Part 1: One-to-One Computing

This week’s Friday Links (links that have accumulated as draft posts that I never got back to) are going to cover two categories. The first is one-to-one (or 1:1) computing, which is increasingly becoming a reality for more students as more districts implement various pilot programs. For example, in the Palm Springs Unified School District, where I spent a great deal of time over the last four months, their plans for pilot one-to-one projects are accelerating well ahead of schedule for next year. Below are three relevant links, two of them from Wes Freyer and one from Raj Boora, that might help Palm Springs and other districts interested in 1:1 initiatives:

OLPC to teach kids in the Mindtools mindset (Via EDITing in the Dark.)

Podcast126: The Case for 1 to 1 Computing (Via Moving at the Speed of Creativity.)

The Children’s Machine (Via Moving at the Speed of Creativity.)