Food Force: An Educational Video Game

Joystiq carried this story yesterday…

The U.N. World Food Program has begun promoting its new game, “Food Force”, to help educate children about the conditions faced by the hungry in war-torn battle zones. The game unfolds on a fictitious island packed with dense jungles and vicious rebel forces. From the outset, Food Force appears to be a standard shoot-em-up action/adventure, but instead of packing heat, you’re carrying around food supplies. The challenge is to deliver the goods to starving civilians while avoiding any hostile forces. You are also in charge of setting up Sim City-esque farm projects.

I had a chance to download and launch it on OS X. I haven’t played it yet, but it looks very promising. There is even a whole section for teachers at the Food Force website. It’s also for a good cause so there is now a new banner on the web version of this blog – between the ONE banner and the Google adds on the right.

Food Force

Please comment if any of you play this game or use it with students.