First Star Trek MMO Images Beamed Up

First Star Trek MMO Images Beamed Up (Via Kotaku.) This is interesting to me for two reasons. 1.) I’m studying MMORPGs as constructivist learning environments, and 2.) I was quite a trekie when I was younger. I kind of hope my phd will be finished by the time this comes out. ;)

I wonder how they will deal with ships instead of worlds… a couple hundred or couple of thousand at tops would be the limit of crew per starship in Star Trek. But not all those people could have meaningful roles to play, so I wonder how they will handle that, too. How many captains and department heads (or bridge crew) will there be in the game, and how many “red shirts”. This is a big problem in MMOs in general, and I think a limit to their educational potential. Take away the Massively and Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games may make more sense. This is the model behind Neverwinter Nights and Revolution.

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