FIRST POST: Educational Technology and Life has Moved

Well, my new WordPress based version of Educational Technology and Life is ready. As with any move, there are plenty of details I want to work on, and I’m sure I’ll be unpacking for a while, but the big stuff is done.

I imported all 273 posts on the Blogger version of this blog, the last 30 posts at the original MSN Spaces version of this blog, a handful of posts from my other blogs, and this was the real triumph – 588 categorized posts from my FURL account! I owe Dave Brussin more than a few beers for his generous and heroic efforts converting FURL XML into proper RSS (with accommodations for WordPress) so it could be imported. If Dave is willing to be so generous, I’d love to be able to write up what he did and post it, because you can indeed import FURL into WordPress. :)

WordPress tells me there are currently 906 posts and 120 comments, contained within 21 categories. (The number of comments seems really low, but only the blogger posts came in with comments… and one of the main reasons I moved was so visitors could now comment on my referrals, which they could not do at FURL.)

I still want to fix a lot of old images, categorize all my uncategorized posts (from Blogger and MSN), work out a moblogging solution, add a custom favicon, and get some additional URLs pointed there. But meanwhile, I have a lot of posts I’ve been keeping queued up in Mars Edit and I want to start posting them this weekend.

So, thanks for coming here to for the latest version of Educational Technology and Life. I hope you’ll also use to subscribe via RSS.

You will find all the existing content and any future updates on all the topics you’ve grown to expect from ET&L.

As always, thanks for reading, and a special thank you for following me to my new home. ;)

UPDATE: If you’ve been kind enough to link to me, I’d also be thrilled if you update your links with the new address. Thanks to all who have!