Final Moblog Test?

Can you find the Macbook in this picture? This is the space below my desk. Up top I have a KVM and a (very old) 20 inch monitor from which I can use any of these machines. From left to right, their operating systems are Panther (for Pro Tools), Tiger, Windows Server 2003 (and Fedora Core Linux on an identical machine that is not shown), and the Windows Vista Beta.

Can you tell I had too much fun working in the trenches at Estancia High School?

At any rate, I just joined the NECC 2006 group at flickr. (Thanks for the comment, Glenn.) I haven’t used the photoblogging features at Flickr since Blogger added photo support. Now though, this seems like a good wordpress solution.

I’m sending this from my new phone. I know it’s a digital divide issue, but I do see a lot of students with these… We can do so much.

If only I could tag from here…