Feedburner Feed Updated

This is just a housekeeping post. Thanks to Doug Belshaw for his comment reminding me I could update my old Feedburner feed to point to this site. I had offered Feedburner as an option when I was using blogger (in order to offer an RSS 2.0 feed for podcasts instead of teh default ATOM feed). It turns out there were still quite a few people subscribed, so they should have something of a surprise in store by the time they read this post.

Although some, myself included, may have moved over and just not deleted the old feed from their aggregator, welcome to those of you who are only just now joining us again. :)

The downside is the rest of us will now have to unsubscribe to avoid duplication in our aggregators. UPDATE: Wow. Apparently NetNewsWire, my aggregator of choice, is smart enough to count the items as read in the feedburner feed after I’ve read them in the default feed. Cool. Note also, that my default feed now is RSS 2.0 and is perfectly good for podcasts.