Emotion in Games (LONG)

Back on April 20th I posted a “one-page” overview of Designing Games with Emotion For Education. This weekend I finished the fleshed out version. I ended up incorporating some of the storytelling notes I’ve collected into this section. Also, I really tried to limit how much I went on about Freeman’s emotioneering mateial. In the end it’s not a great section – and parts of it may later be moved around (or moved elsewhere entirely), but it’s serviceable and it’s a reasonable length. In any case, here’s the word version of this section, and – as usual – the updated reference list. If you download these, please leave me a comment with your reactions.

Emotion in Games (LONG) – 40k Word File
References – 150k Word File

I can tell the end of the lit review is in sight. I aim to finish a complete draft of it before I leave for NECC on Friday. Wish me luck (and few interruptions… aside from the CUE conference planning committee meeting in Oakland on Wednesday of course).