Dungeons and Dragons as a teaching tool

Elementary Math Learning Objects (Via Mr. Ball.) In a post on a math session, Mr. Ball works in this reflection on a session on Role Playing:

My last session was about role-playing in education. The presenter went off on a few tangents but he delivered a strong support for the use of Dungeons and Dragons as a teaching tool. He is a youth pastor who has been working with outcast youth. He uses D&D to bring out the real problems in the youths lives. He spoke quite a bit about aiding the socially challenged children with collaborative, social, and engaging role-play. I think that there are some great uses for Avatars with learners. I’m especially attracted to their ability to lower barriers and increase confidence.

I commented asking for more information, and sure enough, he posted some more detail here: Avatars (Via Mr. Ball.) I look forward to exploring the intersection between these ideas and video games.