Eduloggercon 2010 Session Ideas

In addition to the two formal sessions I submitted here are a few others I hope to find a place for at the edubloggercon and/or ISTE Live. And in this case, your comments can actually make more of a difference, since these sessions won’t be “accepted” for months – the community wiki page for edubloggercon isn’t even up yet. :)

Maybe You Should Drive: Taking Control of Your Professional Development – This is a session I submitted last year (sans research) that I’d really love to lead at some point, and it might be even better as an unconference session.

Passion and Professional Development
– This is a session I submitted in 2008 that I was also disappointed not to have accepted, and which I’d still love to lead… and which also might be better as an unconference session.

Educational Entrepreneurship – This is really only the figment of an idea, but it’s really got me excited right now. I’d love to put my head together with others in this space and see what we might learn from each other… and accomplish. I’m even thinking a Ning network focused on educational entrepreneurship might be a valuable thing. I wonder how many people would participate…

In addition to these ideas, I’m hoping CUE might once again provide a Google Workshop for Educators (resources here) or Google Workshop for Administrators as part of the formal conference. More soon on this if it flies…