Educational Technology Needs a Show Person

The Learning Technologist as Elmer Gantry (Via Technorati Search for: “Educational Technology”.) There is a lot going on in this post that appeared in my watchlist, but this bit caught my attention. This sentiment was really important to me as a site technology coordinator only a few years ago. From time to time I still get to play this role in my current job, and I think it is the things that take me away from this that are grinding on me.

Learning technology needs a show person, somebody who has charisma and knowledge of the technology, somebody who gets ordinary faculty excited about the prospects, who can with fluidity and depth speak of the benefits in terms of student learning but also speak of the technology itself and what the potential is or of the methodology that the that the technology enables.

This is what I search desperately for in presenters and trainers, and what I wish every school could – and believe every school should – have at their site. This person should also, of course, be able to speak to both educators and IT professionals in their own dialects. Why are these people so hard to find? It really is a fun job. :)

BTW, if you are one of these people in Orange County, leave me a comment. I’m always in need of trainers and presenters. ;)