Edubloggers and Financial Literacy

Out of the Box Thinking About Education and Teaching (Via Will’s post about the Personal MBA, and his related reflections, were thought provoking for me, especially in light of some of what I’ve been reading over the “break.” Here’s my comment – perhaps some of you have been thinking along the same lines:

Will, I appreciate this post for a few reasons. First, I’ve been investing some time in my own financial education lately… so stumbling upon the personal MBA here is timely for me and I’ll probably be chipping away at the reading list this year. Second, of course, I’m excited about network learning and am interested in any efforts to find a formal system for implementing it on a large scale – and perhaps more importantly, monetizing it on some scale. I’m also excited to hear you “seriously considering” opening a school. It seems like a step many edubloggers have flirted with and I like to imagine what would happen if many came together and made it a reality. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’m not sure the consulting model is a sustainable (or particularly effective) one for many of us now engaged in it. I’m looking for a new system in which we might work… to make a living, and to make a difference… without burning out. And I think some new web 2.0 technologies might help make this possible.

Clearly there’s more to come on this subject, and though I’ve fairly well filled up the break at this point, I hope to post something more before everyone starts back in school on Monday. In the meantime, let me know if these thoughts hit home for any of you as well. I suspect the answer will be in the power of the network.