David Warlick on CUE 2006

I wound up saving a lot of posts from 2 Cents Worth on the CUE conference, so I’ve combined my links to them all in this post…

David Warlick was having one of those days when he headed for the CUE conference last weekend, and he had some early morning troubles after he arrived. Despite his discomfort answering a question from Chris Walsh later in the day, he was of course able to report a successful conference the day after. Thankfully, Lainie McGann FURLed the wiki he used during his presentation, too: The New Shape of Information – Landmarks Wiki (Via Furl – The lmcgann Archive.)

Later, David also posted that the CUE webcasts were up (including one in which he was interviewed, and another where I was interviewed). Finally, he posted his excitement at meeting Consuelo Molina. For me the thrill was quite the opposite… meeting him, however briefly.

Robert Craven, Stacy Deeble-Reynolds, Mike Guerena, Scott Harris, and I stayed late after the conference to break down our lab, have a team dinner and then head home… on a snow covered highway! It was something of a magical way to end a truly moving conference experience for us. David happened to capture some of that too at his Serial Teacher blog.

Meanwhile, back in Orange County, folks were asking, What the hail?! (Via SqueezeOC Blog.)

I realize now that I, too, am going to have to post some images of our trip to make this CUE recap complete.