Link: cyberbullying

cyberbullying (Via apophenia.) And here’s a sample of what danah boyd covers at her blog, apophenia. Here, in a discussion of cyberbullying, she takes the reasonable tack that “emphasizing ‘cyber’ the term clouds what’s really going on.” She also notes that cyberbullying is getting so much attention not because the bullying is new or worse than before… rather “bullying over the internet is not just a technological advance of bullying, but an advance that makes the attacks visible to adults.” She goes on in some detail, concluding that bullying is not going away and ending with the following questions:

What are the tactics that we can teach kids to handle bullying? How can we help them process what’s going on? How can we help them strategize how to handle the bullies rather than run away? What would happen if we put our energies into helping those who are attacked lessen the impact of the blows?