CUE 2006 Retrospective… the “and Life” side of the Conference

CUE 2006 (Via Steven Glyer’s Podcast.) I caught up on sleep today, got settled back into the house, and did some balance bringing things. Consequently I had little time for blogging, though of course I read my feeds, as I did each day at the CUE conference. I have over 40 new drafts in the queue (not counting my Kurt Squire posts) and almost 50 flagged emails (not counting work email), but tonight I’ll simply leave you with Steve Glyer’s retrospective on the “and Life” side of the conference… a two and a half minute slide show podcast for your viewing pleasure. :)

The team I work with is a big part of why I enjoy this job. In this podcast you’ll see all five of us, Robert Craven, Stacy Deeble-Reynolds, Mike Guerena, Ranjit Mayadas, and myself enjoying the time we had together after hours at the conference. We’re out with several of my former teammates from Newport-Mesa (including Steve Glyer and Lainie McGann) and several of their colleagues. (Noteably absent was Jenith Mishne, who is recovering from a difficult surgery.) We were also joined by my AB 75 co-presenter, Christine Olmstead, and her colleague from Brea-Olinda, blogger and 2005 showcase winner, Sheri Bithell. And of course my wife Eva, who was also presenting two sessions at CUE, was with us, too. :)

Naturally there will be more on the conference in my coming posts.