Context-Embedded Learning (LONG)

Back on the 6th I posted a brief overview of context-embedded learning (with respect to video games in education). I’ve now fleshed out that section a bit. At 28 pages it’s quite a bit longer than I hoped, and consequently, I think the quality has suffered. I was able to reuse some material from earlier papers, but now this section suffers from the “quote heavy” tone of the earlier papers – even in some of the new segments. In any case, I’m slowly learning to settle for good enough, and I’m hungry for feedback, so here it is (along with a link to the updated references again):

Context-Embedded Learning (LONG) (80 KB Word Document)
References (132.5 KB Word Document)

Actually, I feel about as bad about the Palm Springs Tech Plan throughout most of the process… and the plan was just approved by the state, so I have cause for celebration tonight, too. :)

Regardless, if you download this, I’d love to hear your feedback. To make the most of it though, I will probably also offer these long sections in bite sized junks as regular posts over the next several days. Meanwhile, I’ll work on actually writing the following sections. After all, for the rest of the week the only times I have to write are a few hours Friday afternoon – and then most of the day Sunday. Luckily, I’ve got a few more afternoons set aside next week, too!

PS. If anyone wants to let me know what you think of this series of posts so far, please chime in, too.