Considering 1-to-1: Here’s a Toolkit to Get Started

I started this post on my laptop, but ran out of power. The following is composed from the moblogged notes I took on my treo. Beginning in media res, I found it interesting that the presenters noted that they have seen higher parent participation at the 1-to-1 schools because of laptop orientations they offered. More importantly, they offer what they call a TIP toolkit (or Technology Immersion Pilot Toolkit) for others considering a 1-to-1 implementation. This professionally designed document includes (among other resources) “TIP Factors” or “factors to consider before implementing technology immersion” and “TIPS for Success” or “lessons learned from their technology immersion pilot.” Though the presenters had the slides with the most bullets I’ve seen in a long time, I suspect the actual document will be a good resource for my 1-to-1 work with Salem School over the next year.

I was happy to discover that their tips seemed very familiar based on my experience and reading on the topic so far. Frankly, though, it’s hard to focus on all of these elements during an implementation. I believe the key factor, the one that can help you overcome a shortcoming in any other area is stakeholder buy-in. Other bits that caught my attention in this presentation were the assertion that principals need time to learn, too! Also, they were explicit about the need to have a PLAN for staff turnover, something I learned the hard way during the EETT grant implementation that gave 1200 middle school students in Newport-Mesa Palm Tungsten E handhelds. Naturally, they also noted that curriculum integration and pedagogical support is at least as important as tech support. I was particularly happy to see them recommend using students for technical support. This session and the others like it left me looking forward to working in a 1-to-1 situation again soon.

Session Link: Considering 1-to-1: Here’s a Toolkit to Get Started

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